Prickly Pear Oil on My Legs and a New Diet.

Hi All,

I have shaving bumps, eczema scars and slowly have gotten them to heal using Jamaican Black Castor Oil/ Argan Oil Mix or Pure Mango Butter as a moisturiser.

Recently I have been using the Prickly Pear Cactus Seed Oil on my skin as a moisturiser and after just a week my legs feel so soft.  Really I mean soft my dry scaly legs are just lovely to touch now. I mentioned in an earlier post how in love I am with this oil and it is now my go to for dry skin and hair. 

It can be used as a face oil, skin moisturiser or for hair. I just love this!


This oil is very light and goes into the skin instantly. It is not sticky. Unfortunately this oil is billed as the worlds most expensive oil due to the time consuming extraction process and the amount of fruit required to make one small bottle so itis a bit pricy.

My New Diet

I have now joined the ranks of Juicers and Smoothie makers and spend quite few hours in teh kitchen, peeling, mixing and blending fruits and vegetables. 
I have cut out chocolate which is my main vice, this was so hard. I found that eating a variety of nuts can stem the craving a little. Hopefull in a few weeks I wont want it so much anymore.

My daily Carrot Juice: Beneficial for those with Asthma
10 Carrots
A hanful of spinich
 2 cloves of Garlic
1 lemon
1 apple

If it is more green than orange you used too much spinach and you'll know. LOL!

On top of smoothie making I have also started making soups and am enjoying buttnut squash and leek soup particulatly. It is always nice sitting down to one of your own creations and this soup is just divine. 

This also helps me feel more energised and I am hoping to see the difference in my skin soon too.

Have you started juicing recently or a health kick?
What's your secret let us know in the comments

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity 

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