Jamaican National Dress and Miss Jamaica Universe

Miss Jamaica Universe 2013, Kerrie Baylis

Dancing the quadrille In Traditional Jamaican dress

My sister-in-law was asking me what the Jamaican National Dress looked like (I've forgotten how we got onto the topic, she had just gotten back from India). I always remeber vibrant reds and yellows and a plaid like design. This red and white chequred costume is often called the Bandana costume a mixture of African Kente and Scottish tartan. There is also often dresses based on the Jamaican flag black for hardship, yellow for the sunshine and green for those beautiful green lands.

Another variation of the Jamaican National Dress
(Source) Full Bandana Costume

These kids are too cute (Source) Calico & Bandana costume

I did a quick search as you do and found the traditional ones, but also found these beautful costumes worn in the last four years by Miss Jamaica Universe they were so stunning I had to share them with you.

2010 Miss Jamaica Universe, Yendi Phillips
(Curtesy of The Telegraph)

2011 Miss Jamaica Universe, Shakira Martin

Miss Jamaica Universe 2012, Chantal Zaky

Miss Jamaica Universe 2013, Kerrie Baylis

Just stunning dont you think! 

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