Caring for Afro Kids Hair

There is surprisingly little information online when you start to look out for tips on caring for afro hair for babies, but this isn’t due to lack of demand! Mummies (and daddies) everywhere are looking for the best way to look after little ones locs, so find out below what we’d recommend!

Lack of moisture is the number one killer of black hair, so getting your hands on a good all-natural conditioner early on is essential. It’s difficult to suggest one product  without knowing a baby’s specific hair type, but extra dry hair could get a lot from a moisture-rich conditioner, whereas as hair which is more oily would benefit from one that’s more water-based.

Secondly, just as you do with your own, remember that you don’t need to wash your child’s hair every day! Whilst oil can weigh finer hair types down and make it greasy looking, black hair is much more susceptible to being dry, so to try and prevent damage and breakage you want to hold on to those build-ups of natural oils. How often you wash your child’s hair is up to you; some people go for fortnightly, others weekly, just not daily.

Finally, bows and clips are going to soon be your best friend! It’s really in your child’s best interest that you keep their hair tucked away safe and sound, whether this be in braids, twists or something else, because it’s then protected from the damaging wind and sun. For boys, you really shouldn’t cut hair against the growth pattern, so a trip to a black barber is advisable. 

The best thing you can remember is that your child’s hair won’t automatically be like yours, so whilst you may already have a basis in how to look after black hair, don’t assume what works for you will work for them!

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