AfroDeity & Joliette on BEN TV and OH TV

AfroDeity & Joliette on BEN TV and OH TV

Over the holiday period we were lucky enough to be featured once again on the new way to shop. This time featuring some exciting demos of our fabulous Joliette products. 

The products featured are:

Joliette Caribbean Berry Hair Mud Mask can be used a pre shampoo treatment. It contains cleansing bentonite clay, and keratin proteins making it easier for transitioners to manage their hair and for naturals to stretch their hair. It also helps users reduces the amount of heat required to straighten hair.

Joliette Caribbean Berry Hydrating Mist A wonderful hydrating mist particularly during the winter months to freshen up dull dry hair. Hydrate your hair and mist on the moisture. Help freshen up twist outs and protective styles.

Joliette Caribbean Berry Whipped Shea Hair Butter Whipped Shea Butter made especially for hair with our signature Caribbean Berry extracts particularly Pomegranate which helps strengthen the hair follicle and contains lots of nutrients that our hair loves

Joliette Caribbean Berry Hair Treatment Mask This ocean inspired hair mask will transform dull lifeless hair into waves of beauty. Ingredients like sea kelp help the hair rebuild itself and grow stronger and our signature Caribbean Berry extract particularly Pomegranate which helps strengthen the hair follicle and contain lots of nutrients.

What is The New Way to Shop

It is online multi-platform product which covers TV, Online, Mobile and a Web shopping experience; allowing shoppers a truly 360 shopping experience.

Whether this be by watching The New Way to Shop in front of the box or whilst wanting to buy product on your laptop in the kitchen, or downloading product tutorials to buy later on your mobile phone.

We cater for your busy 'need to keep up with the bargains' in haircare and makeup whilst YOU keep up with the demands of a hectic and stressful life.

After decades of frustrating shopping experiences at high-street outlets, where staff appeared to know little about the hair and beauty products they were selling and paying extortionate product prices, Latoya Mhango ( the shows co-founder) believed in a better way of shopping. Boosted by the onset of on-line tutorials and the rise in specialised businesses, the idea was born to create a platform on television.....The New Way to Shop!

The New Way t
o Shop will deliver must see prices; totally slashed for that week only on TV; making it ‘appointment to watch’ television. Produced by BBC Award-winning producer, Trish Adudu.

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity

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