Five Ways to Dye Your Hair Naturally

We all enjoy enhancing our look with a swap of hair colour every now and again, but whether you dye your hair at home or in a salon, the chemicals in many hair dyes can do serious damage to your hair. 

To get the best results from these five products, apply to clean hair which is free of any product. You may have to try them at least twice to get intense colour!


Henna is an incredible, natural alternative to synthetic hair dye which can be used to achieve glossy, rich hair colour in many shades. 

To apply, pop some chopped up henna into a bain-marie, covering the pieces with boiling water and stirring until the henna is the consistency of melted chocolate. Apply the henna to clean, dry hair and work through section by  section. After an hour or two you’ll be able to shampoo, rinse and dry you hair and allow the henna dye to develop over the next 24 hours. 


If you search though your makeup draws I am sure you will find quite a bit of unused eye shadow, foundation or blush which can a great way to colour your hair temporarily without damaging it. As these come in a variety of colours hues, you can achieve almost any colour you want and when you want a change. This should easily wash out. 
This video from Jay to Culture UK shows a simple way to get red/golden highlights or do a Faux Ombre
Check Out their blog Here


For centuries, honey has been known to restore the hair’s natural moisture and balance, but it can also serve as a hair lightener! Make a lightening mixture by mixing the honey with some water, to loosen up the stickiness a little! We’ve found a good mixture to be four parts honey to one part water or apple cider vinegar - this can act as a conditioner! 

Let the mixture set for up to an hour before applying all over the head, then covering your hair with a shower cap or cling film. Let the honey sit for a good two hours, even better if you  can manage to keep the honey in your hair overnight for even lighter results. Shampoo, rinse and dry for honey-coloured hair.

Black Tea

Black tea is ideal to use for brunettes, and all you need is 3 or 4 tea bags (or the equivalent in loose tea). Add the tea to two cups of water and bring the whole mixture to the boil. Simmer for 3-5 minutes before letting it cool. You can then apply the mixture to the hair and let it set for around an hour before rinsing it out. 

Bonus tip: those with blonde hair can try the same method  with chamomile tea, or for redheads, give red or rooibos tea a whirl!


To get the best results when using coffee as hair dye, you’ll want to use this method around once a week to keep the colour rich. Mix half a cup of conditioner with three to four tablespoons of coffee for medium length hair, until the coffee has dissolved.  Once applied, leave it on for at least an hour before washing out.

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