Shea Moisture Hair Color System Review

Shea Moisture Colour System

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed using this product. OK so I am a novice when it comes to dying hair but this system did make it pretty easy. I blogged earlier on in the autumn about my ColorCones experience and I also posted places you can buy the Shea Moisturise Hair Colour. Although I gather this is now available in your local Boots stores.

I chose the 'Golden Honey Blonde' as the picture of the hair on the box looked similar to the colour my children's hair is. I love this colour and now that autumn is here I thought I'd give my dull black hair a break.  


I didn't expect it to go blonde as my hair is dark brown and Shea Moistures tells you a choose a colour two shades lighter than your own. I wasn't even sure it would work. However I have red hair on the sides and middle and enough grey hairs that I thought I'd give it a go and see what happens.

You know what the hey!

Please note if you want dramatic colour change from a deep/dark brown, a red hue might suit you better.  I really wanted mild highlights.

I had been told previously by 'Tola of My Long Hair Journey' that the secret to dying hair is lots if moisture and plenty of deep conditioning treatments.

Shea Moisture say on their instructions not to wash hair at least 24 hours prior to dying and make sure hair does not have too much product build up. As I had washed my hair 3 days previously I figured this  should be OK.

Using all the products as instructed my hair was soft and mildly brown/blonde hints as I had hoped. The ColorCones did an amazing job so I was one happy camper. The dye kits comes with well laid out instructions and lots of extras to keep your hair in tip top condition.

Product Description
Nourishing moisture-rich hair colouring system with no ammonia or sulfates. Provides vibrant colour, body and shine and grey coverage. Pleasant and natural smell. This is a no-drip permanent hair colour formula. 

The kit contains:
1. Radiant colour creme 
2. Radiant developer creme 
3. Professional latex-free gloves 
4. Salon application brush 
5. Raw shea moisture retention shampoo 
6. Raw shea restorative conditioner 
7. Raw shea reconstructive finishing elixir.

My hair felt moisturised an shiny afterwards. This dye is Ammonia free hut not completely natural. For a completely natural dye you might want to try henna. 

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To find out more about ColorCones find there site at or buy your Shea Moisture Dye below.

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