Corkscrew Curls: Curlformers Review Part II

As mentioned in my previous posts I had trouble styling my own hair, so I asked Niki to help me with reviewing the Curlformers this time around.

Usually I would add the Curlformers after washing the hair, but Niki had just washed and blow dried her hair straight so I spray her hair with Joliette Caribbean Coconut Hair Mist.

I then put in each Curlformer. I had mentioned before that my hair was tender on applying these. The trick is the stretch out the Curlformers and then squeeze the neck. Once the hair is threaded through then wind the curl back in ringlet form.

We had great fun again using the Soft Hood and Niki agreed it was great especially for voluminous hair. The Soft Hood has this great strap that pulls the edge of the hood gently around the head.

We put her under the hood for 20 minutes, had lunch and the removed the Curlformers. Again I stretched out the Curlformer before squeezing the neck at the root of the hair and pulling gently off. Easily removed, no pain.

All in all Niki loved her new style and left with her hair bouncing.
Niki gave this 5 out of 5

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We will be seeing much more from Niki as she joins our blogging the team and will be telling us more  in the next few months.

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity
Leilu and Niki

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