Subscription Boxes for Women of Colour

Subscription Boxes for Women of Colour

Don’t you just love to know that a product is specially made for you? Maybe it’s just my inborn need to feel special but I love the idea that something is just for me - it makes me feel special and that’s why I was so thrilled to discover beauty box subscriptions specifically for women of colour! You may have heard about subscription boxes before, they seem to be steadily growing in popularity with no signs of slowing down as they offer a regular supply of new products conveniently delivered to subscribers in the comfort of their own homes. 

Just in case you have been under a rock for the past decade and don’t know what a subscription box is - it is a service where you pay a monthly fee and receive new product samples (usually about 5-7 products) in the mail every month from the service provider. The products are usually beauty related but subscription boxes for food and other products are available as well.

The unfortunate reality is that the beauty product subscription boxes that first appeared on the scene did not have many products that women of colour were able to use. Whether it was a hair product that wasn’t suited for our type of natural hair or a skin product that was clearly meant for Caucasian women, many of the items in these boxes would end being of no use to colourful women but thankfully this gap in the market did not go unnoticed and today there are several subscription boxes available that are tailored to the needs of women of colour. 
What’s In the Box?
These subscription boxes as mentioned earlier, will normally have about 5-7 products included in them. The products will change every month to introduce subscribers to new products that they may not way have considered or been aware of before. The included products are usually sample-sized versions of what you will get if you purchase them over the counter but they present you with a great way to try them out and see how well they work for you before you commit to buying them for full price. More of these subscription services seem to be offering regular sized products however, so you can watch and see if this trend continues as beauty box subscription services get even more popular. 

Some boxes like the ones from CurlBox and CurlKit  in the US, and TreasureTress in the UK, will feature only hair care products and typically contain a mix of Afro hair gifts that women of colour can use on our uniquely textured hair. Others such as MyChocoBelle and GlowBox in the UK, and Onyx and Brown Girl Box in the US will present you with a new variety of health and beauty products, including some of hair care, to sample each month. Make-up items, skincare and hair care products from some of the best brands can usually be found in these boxes, which is why they continue so popular. It’s like experiencing Christmas once every month when you receive your box filled with new goodies. 

What does it cost to have this Christmas morning feeling every month? Subscribing to one of these services can cost anywhere from £20 - £30 (or USD$15 to about $30) per month on average. Most of them will also give you the option to pay a reduced fee when you choose a biannual or yearly subscription. The combined value of the products that you will receive will normally be significantly more than your monthly subscription fee so you should always get a great deal when you subscribe, assuming that you will actually use all the products you get each month. 

Win-Win Situation
This trend of subscription boxes for women of colour is what I like to call a win-win situation as it not only benefits the previously un-catered to women of colour in our society, but black-owned businesses that make products for black women will also have more opportunities to reach their target market and grow their business as well. Subscription box services like the Essence Beauty Box intentionally include at least one product from an independent black-owned business in their monthly package to subscribers in an effort to support and encourage these entrepreneurial businesses. Both sides win, black women get products made just for them and black-owned businesses get more exposure. 

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