Can you put oil in your hair everyday?

Can you put oil in your hair everyday?

It’s no secret that black hair is very delicate and breaks easily. Our hair’s naturally dry nature is perhaps the main reason a lot of the breakage happens. As a result for as long as most of us can remember, we have been told that we need to put oil in our hair everyday so that it does not break. Is this sound advice? Let’s take a deeper look at the effects that oiling hair daily can have. 

Moisturisers vs Oils
We should be careful though to make the distinction between hair that is well moisturised and hair that oil has been applied to. While these are distinct processes, they work well together and our hair actually needs both. 

Prior to any oil regimen, for the best results you should ensure that your hair is properly moisturised.  The best type of moisturisers to use is those that are water based.  When buying a moisturiser, make sure that the first ingredient listed is water and that it does not contain mineral oils or petrolatum.  The moisturiser will hydrate the hair and then the next step is to trap or seal the moisturiser in by applying oil.

Natural oils should be used to seal in moisture; oils like castor, shea, jojoba and coconut are some of the types that you should consider.  As always, oils that contain petroleum based products or mineral oils should be avoided. 

Should I Use Oil Every Day?
While many recommend that oil be applied to the hair every day to maintain moisture, there are a few factors to consider as what works well for some people might not work for others.  

Some hair types allow you to apply oil every day and yet it maintains a healthy appearance, looking hydrated with slight sheen, but never greasy.  For others, if they were to try a daily oil regimen, their hair looks super greasy, thus unattractive and becomes difficult to manage.  Therefore, how frequently oil can or should be applied to the hair will depend on how well their hair can or needs to be oiled to retain moisture. 

If hair is washed every day or several times a week, applying oil  it is probably a good idea.  It will help to prevent breakage or damage that can come from frequent washing.  The oil should be applied to the hair just prior to washing it may minimise damage.  
For persons who apply oil to their hair and scalp daily, they report that there are a number of benefits derived from this practice.  It is said that when natural oils are massaged into the scalp, it stimulates hair growth and minimises shedding.  

If you were wondering how you could use essential oils to stimulate hair growth, we found this great post on just that!

For those persons that may be having a problem with their scalps, such as dandruff, using specific essential oils such as tea tree oil, oregano oil or neem oil have been used to treat dandruff and fungal conditions of the scalp.  Applied daily or regularly, these essential oils help to clear up problem scalps but as stated before, the key is to know how your own hair type and scalp responds to the daily application of oil and this will help you decide if this regimen is right for you.

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