Product Review: Braun Hair Clipper

Product Review: Braun Hair Clipper 

We were really pleased to be able to review these great clippers from Braun. My son Sebastian was really excited to use these clippers. The bright blue colour and the size was perfect for his little hands.

So what does Braun say they do?
The Braun Hair Clipper has ultra- sharp secured blades for high performance, which are lifetime lasting for ultimate hair clipping.
With two smart trimming attachments, and 17 precise length settings, it can be used to customise a huge variety of styles (an extra short setting can be used without the comb)

  • The Memory SafetyLock system that remembers the last length setting used, even after the attachment is removed
  • Because it can be used corded or cordlessly it never runs out of power
  • Fully washable for easy cleaning
Braun Hair Clipper RRP: £39.99

So what did we think?

Sebastian loved these clippers (and his Dad loved them too!). We loved that they were washable, which made clean up much easier. They also used the shaver socket in the bathroom and they were  chargeable, so you could charge it in the bathroom and take it anywhere because it is cordless. All these things were such a step up from the clippers we had been using. 

The only drawback was the adjustable comb is hollow if it is set too long, the hair can get caught and tangled up in it, but I do suppose it depends on your hair type and to be quite honest Sebastian's hair hadn't been combed or trimmed for a few months. This is the only reason we decided to give the clipper 4 out of 5 as it pulled on his hair quite a bit. However we have only used it the one time. Several more uses might prove different results.

Clippers can be great for both men and women and with shaved styles becoming more popular, I know these will come in handy for me too.

Our Verdict

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