Rise of the Skin and Hair Drinks

Rise of the Skin and Hair Drinks
From the beginning of time, woman has relied on natural grown food to provide all the nutrition that her body would ever need but it has only been in relatively recent times that we have seen a trend towards consuming special, healthy ‘drinks’ to improve the quality of our skin and hair. 
Using organically grown produce was just the way things were done until in the late 19th century when a number of factors, including a rapid rise in urbanization meant that people stopped producing their own food and started relying more on mass produced foods instead. 

While very necessary and convenient, this would eventually end up causing people to consume more and more processed foods and less fresh ones. At the same time knowledge of food as medicine; what kinds of foods to eat to fight many health conditions, promote overall wellness and improve specific problems, that was passed down from generation to generation became very difficult to come by.  
The good news is that what once was old has become new again and within the last few years, we have rediscovered the benefits of consuming raw or unprocessed foods and vegetables to improve nutrition and overall health.  
Juicing, the process of either blending or extracting juice from fruits and vegetables have become extremely popular and a subsection of the juicing industry has focused on juices and nutritional drinks to improve the hair and skin.   
The term ‘nutricosmetics’ is often used to describe this resurgence of nutrition based drinks for the hair and skin. Nutricosmetics come in many varieties, including drinks, and many claim to reverse the visible signs of ageing skin when consumed on a regular basis. 

Some Fruits & Vegetables for Great Skin & Hair 
Natural juices, and by this we mean raw and not the processed store bought varieties, work because they detoxify organs like the liver that allows it to function better.  When organs are functioning at optimal levels, they quickly rid the body of toxins that cause problem skin and problems with the hair.  
The juices also deliver all the necessary vitamins and minerals, nourishing your cells so that your skin and hair will look great.  Below are a few fruits and vegetables that you can try juicing and see for yourself the effect they have on your skin and hair.
Carrots are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and when consumed regularly, may bring about an improvement in the skin’s texture and the skin may appear smoother.
Cucumber contains several antioxidant nutrients and trace minerals.  It’s a very hydrating vegetable good and it’s known for improving the skin’s softness and strengthening hair and nails.  
Apples are rich in antioxidant flavonoids and in addition to providing a myriad of benefits, it is also said to reduce the risk of skin cancer. 
Kale is one of the most nutrient dense foods available and contains numerous cancer fighting compounds.  
The tomato is actually a fruit, not a vegetable. They have a high level of lycopene, which protects the skin and it’s also good for heart health.
Are there any other fruits and veggies that you have used to make ‘drinks’ for your skin and /or hair? We would love to know all about them so please share with us!

There are also retail drinks for those who would like to purchase a drink that advertises glowing skin and longer hair & nails as results.

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A hair drink, promising longer stronger hair. Unfortunately we were unable to find more information about this particular product but will let you know when we know more.

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