Spring Hair Care Essentials

Spring Hair Care Essentials

Spring is here! Soon we will be able to totally ditch those cumbersome winter hats to reveal our hair in all its glory to the world and women everywhere are just oozing with excitement in anticipation. As the weather changes however, so should the products that you use in your hair. The same products that you used in the winter may not be the best for your hair in the warmer spring months. Your hair will need some extra help to recover from the damaging effects of the winter cold and also protection from the sun’s heat. The following hair care essentials for Spring can really help to keep your hair feeling and looking healthy in the warm months ahead. 

Planning to take up swimming this spring? Whether you want to incorporate swimming into your regular exercise routine or you just want to take the occasional trip to the beach, taking some Organix Moroccan Surf Paste with you can help to keep your hair in place and make it look nice and sleek when it is wet. When you are not feeling like a mermaid it is also good for helping to define your curls if you have natural hair- after you wash your hair apply a small amount of the Organix Moroccan Surf Paste, scrunch and let air dry. The result should be soft, clearly defined curls that will last throughout the day. 

A good deep conditioner is a must have in the spring to help your hair recover from the effects of the cold, dry winter weather. Alikay Naturals Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner is a great choice because it is specially formulated to get maximum moisture into the strands your hair and moisture is essential for damaged dry hair to be able to recover back to its normal healthy state. The honey in this deep conditioner will pull moisture from the surrounding air and lock it into your strands to replenish them and the sage along with some other ingredients will penetrate the follicles of your hair to provide much needed nourishment. 

The shampoo and conditioner duo from Neuma is a Spring essential not only because does it a great job of cleansing and conditioning your hair, but also because it contains absolutely no harmful chemicals! NO sulfates, no parabens, no synthetic fragrances - NADA. The ingredients are mostly plants extracts, plant nutrients and essential oils that help your hair to be more radiant and healthy. Neuma products also include a Phyto UV Shield™ formula that protects coloured hair from UVA and UVB oxidation and if you have dyed or coloured hair you will need this type of protection this spring for sure.

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With these hair essentials added to your hair care regime you will have hair that is healthy, moisturised and protected from the harmful rays of the sun this spring. Get ready to store away those hats and break out your styling tools to see what new and creative looks you can pull off when the weather gets warmer. It’s going to be a wonderful time for hair and I just can’t wait for spring to get here. 

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