Why Two Wheels Are Better Than Four!

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Every so often we deviate away from hair and into the world of fitness. Well this is because its nit just our hair that we need to keep healthy and in order to keep our hair healthy our whole body has to be healthy. As someone who suffers from severe eczema I am always on a look out for ways to exercise and detox my skin (and scalp). On my daily commute it is not always that easy, but I do get time to take a leisurely cycle every other weekend. Its great exercise and I think I might try it out for my commute one day...

So Why Cycle?

It’s obvious that you don’t get much exercise while in your car but neither are you getting much fresh air either! Often, thanks to exhaust fumes, drivers have their windows rolled up, the air con on and sit inside a locked bubble. On the other hand, cyclists are out and about, always using different muscles and can take a deep breaths of beautiful spring air. Don’t think that bikes are just for kids either! Lots of us are ditching our cars for bikes and scooters when it comes to the morning commute too.

Get Out There!

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Cyclists have the freedom to travel wherever they like and unlike cars aren’t limited by long lines of traffic. From the saddle, you’ll also gain a new appreciation of nature, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells while feeling the warm sun on your back instead of the stiff rest of the car seat. You can also get off and take a break much easier than by car, just head off the main road, brake and pop the bike stand down while you sit on a bench for a bit. Biking doesn’t just let you see things differently, you’ll also be working out at the same time! You don’t need to be a champion to peddle up a hill, feeling the burn in your muscles as you slowly reach the top but it’ll get you far fitter than dancing, swimming or even the gym.  

Join The Club

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Biking is finally being taken seriously, and real change is helping to fund new bike lanes, paths, and cycling proficiency courses. Local cycling clubs have popped up all over the UK and there are now more places to bike than ever before. Over, 3000 projects have been created in the past five years, and bike racks have increased outside of schools and offices as well as having bespoke accommodation built for those looking to bike in rural areas. Biking is also far cheaper than driving, it’s also completely environmentally friendly and once you’ve got your bike and cycling gear the overheads are far cheaper than the weekly tank of gas you'd be spending money on. Don’t forget if you are using your bike regularly for work it’s also worth having bicycle insurance as well as a go-pro camera so if there are any rush hour accidents you’ll be able to produce plenty of evidence for the police.

You Never Forget

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You might be a little nervous about getting back in the saddle but don’t be! If you learned how to ride a bike as a child, you never forget, but there are plenty of adult cycling lessons on offer if you didn’t. Unlike running, or weight lifting as the years go on our bodies start to become a little less supple, and we become more prone to injuries. Biking is perfect exercise because you’re using your leg muscles every day anyway, so peddling is a wonderful way of keeping them fit, strong and healthy. Always check with your doctor before riding long distances, even if you feel young at heart and make sure you carry a travel first aid kit on every journey.

Do you cycle to work ?
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