May Hair Find: Equi Botanics

My May Hair Find: Equi Organics

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This month I had the opportunity to virtual meet the founder of the gorgeous hair product range Equi Organics Ekwy Chukwuji-Nnene. You know how much I love a good mother daughter story.  Like many of us Ekwy's hair journey began with a clump of hair in her hand. She had to learn how to love and take care of her own her without weaves and extensions and with the birth of her second daughter, had three heads of hair to take care of. And yes the picture above isn't just some promotional stock image it is actually the lovely Ekwy and her children with their gorgeous curly hair.

Can I just say, I absolutely adore the packaging and check out those ingredients!!

So I tried out three of the Equi Organics products and although I have only tried them once. I am in love. I haven't done that many reviews in a while as I have been scouring the interweb for a decent product but from the time the boxes arrived I knew this was to be the beginning of a new hair love affair for me. It usually takes me a few uses to decide if I love a product but as soon as I was finished washing my hair, I called Ruby and Sebastian upstairs to wash theirs, because I wanted to see how well these products would work in their hair immediately.

I used the Baobab Moisturising Sulfate free Cleanser and Babassu Deep Treatment Masque with Murumuru and Tucuma Seed Butter and once finished washing I used Marula Oil Leave in Conditioner on damp hair.

After using the shampoo, I didn't have the usual tangled mess that I sometimes struggle with. My hair was limp and tangle free, it was crazy! As there were no suds during washing my hair wasn't dried out and the masque made my hair even more easy to manage. 

Now the real test was trying this on Sebastians dry, damaged boy hair. Now unfortunately I am in the midst of a tweenage rebellion in my house and for those of you that have sons you'll know that getting young men to wash their hair at this age is just a trauma. I finally pinned sown Sebastian to have his hair washed. It is dry and dirty and I struggle to get him to use conditioner.

I still cant believe how much better his hair looked. His hair was shiny and manageable for the first time in months. I was so stunned (and he wouldn't hold still) that I didn't get very good images. But fear not I will be adding images and our progress over the next few weeks in my next posts about Equi Organics.

Ruby's hair is in pretty good condition so I expected this to work well for her anyway but the change in Sebsatian's hair was dramatic and the fact that I cant keep my hands out of my own hair tells me that we have found a winner :) 

Definitely 5 stars from us

Looking for a product that not only looks and smells great but work really well too? You can find out more about Ekwy and her brand Equi Organics here:
Try Equi Organics

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