How to Make Your Hair Look Awesome on Each Photo You Take


We live in a visual world. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the portraits we share of ourselves are a chapter of the story that makes up our lives. With so many people having access to high-quality cameras, photo editing software, trying to look our best in a photo can be an intimidating endeavor.

If you find yourself struggling to get that perfect snapshot, here are some helpful tips for how to look pretty in each photo you take.

Give Your Hair a Touch-Up

Giving your hair a little TLC before taking a photo can boost your confidence and ensure you’re looking and feeling great. Keep a pick handy to boost your volume and a travel-sized bottle of detangler to work out any knots. Consider picking up a bottle of Camille Rose Natural Lavender Shaken Hair Spritzer to refresh your curls while on the go.

Avoid using portrait mode when taking photos with natural hair, as it often blurs the definition in a way that won’t do you any justice. Remember, it’s not you— it’s the camera trying to turn your 3D hair into a 2D object.

Choose the Right Lighting

Lighting is one of the foundational aspects of portrait photography. You can take the same picture under fluorescent lights and next to a sunny window and look like a different person.

When it comes to lighting, even diffused bright light is the best— for example, an overcast day or lighting near a window that doesn't have direct sunlight streaming in. You can also capture stunning photos during the elusive golden hour— that period right before the sunset when the horizon glows.

The main point is to avoid synthetic lighting or strong shadows when taking a photo. By standing slightly in front of a light source, you can also create more dimension and offset the effects of photography on your natural hair.

Work Your Angles

A part of knowing how to take a good selfie is learning how to work your angles. Keep in mind that when you photograph yourself, you're effectively turning a 3D object (you) into a 2D object (the photo). The flattening effect of this transformation can make you appear wider or distorted— that's why we often look great in the mirror and terrible in photos.

Learn to work your angles. Taking the photo from slightly above can add dimension to your image. Rather than facing the camera straight-on, tilt your head, shift your shoulders, and stagger your feet. Find an angle that highlights your body in a way that gives it shape and brings back that 3D vibe.

Learn How to Smize

What do the best Instagram influencers have in common? Not only do they have a consistent aesthetic and have good photo captions for selfies, but they also know how to smile naturally. One influencer admitted that the secret behind her easy, breezy appearance is that she'll quack at herself like a duck right before taking the picture. It makes her laugh and results in a stunning, natural smile. 

If you can’t get the smile right, practice the art of the smize. Tyra Banks swears by the smize for making her eyes look lively and engaging even when her face is serious. 

Watch Your Posture

Wearing flawless makeup and a flattering outfit aren't what make people look pretty in photos: it's confidence. The best way to exude confidence in every photo, regardless of your pose, is to watch your posture. 

Keep your shoulders back, and your head held high. You can soften your look without losing that confident, upright posture. Take time to practice some poses until you find your sweet spot. 

The best way to look pretty in photos is to practice and get comfortable with the process. Once you find your angles and confidence, taking pretty photos will come naturally to you.


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