How to Nourish Your Hair from the Inside Out

We've all been there, dry hair that is lack lustre and we just cant seem to get moisture into it. Sometimes the problem cant be treated from the outside only. You are probably already aware of the multitude of hair products that you can get to help you create the style that you want. Hair masks that hydrate and revitalise damaged ends, curl defining products that give your hair the bounce you love, and so much more can be used to get you closer to the hair that you want. Topical products aren’t the only things you should be using to fully nourish your hair, though.

There are a variety of things you can do to promote the growth of healthier hair. If you want to achieve your healthiest, most beautiful hair yet, here are a few ways that you can nourish yours from the inside out.

Take Supplements

Taking specific vitamins and nutrients in a supplement form can be a great way to provide your body with things that it might not be able to get enough of through the food that you eat. The same goes for your hair.

Several vitamins promote healthy hair growth and can improve the quality of your locks. Vitamin A, certain B-Vitamins (specifically biotin), and Vitamin E can all contribute to better hair. While you should certainly be looking to consume these things through your diet, you can potentially boost the quality of your hair by taking a supplement containing these vitamins regularly.

One thing that generally deters people from adding such supplements to their diet is the fact that good quality products can come at a high cost. It is essential, though, to go with brands that maintain the highest standards for the production of their supplements. You can find some deals online that could potentially help reduce the cost of your hair-loving vitamins, though, by using boots discount codes and by stocking up during the sales.

Increase Your Water Intake

Water is probably the most essential ingredient to having healthier hair. Roughly 60% of your body is made up of water. Moreover, the majority of that water is found within the cells of your body. Therefore, if you do not adequately hydrate your body, your cells, including those of your hair and skin, will become dehydrated.

Any hair professional will tell you that dehydrated hair is listless and dull in appearance. If you want to have the best hair possible, you should look for ways to increase your water intake daily. Before too long, you will see shinier, healthier-looking hair. Over time, you might also feel more energized and alert. Studies have also shown a direct link between adequate hydration and maintaining a healthy weight. 

Eat More Protein

A vital component of the cells that make up your hair is protein. For this reason, if your goal is healthier, stronger hair, you should add in plenty of protein to your diet. Fish that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids are even more beneficial as these proteins can help reduce hair loss while at the same time nourishing the cells of your hair.


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