Four African Inspired Home Decor Ideas

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With quite a few of us working from home at the moment, are you looking at those walls and finding more and more things you would like to improve your home?

Do you want to give you home a quick DIY fix or are you planning to give your home a complete head-to-toe makeover and add a touch of personality to your living space? Get a unique, lively and beautiful living space by putting an African inspired spin on your interior decor. When done the right way, you will have a living space that will be the envy of so many. So let’s take a look at some African-inspired home decor ideas worth trying out.

  1. Warm colours and light walls

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Africa has not been left out of the current architectural advancement, with modern buildings, shooting up across the continent. However, ‘traditional’ homes with clay walls are still the continent’s building heritage. So, if you are planning on bringing some African touch to your interior, make sure your walls are given a similar finish - warm colours and light walls. You can also opt for textural wallpapers with African themes. For any beautiful architectural designs, you can consult firms like Scenario Architecture to bring your visions to life.

  1. Animal skin upholstery and dark wood furniture


One of the main characteristics of an African interior is animal skin upholstery representing the rich wildlife of the continent. How many times have you observed a beautifully-made rug from the skin of a leopard or tiger gracing the floor of African royalty? You can choose from a wide variety of animal print wallpapers and when it comes to furniture, opt for dark wood, as they perfectly complement the animal skin upholstery. You can also shop for any of the many varieties of woven furniture available. These will help complete the Africa-inspired look.

  1. African pottery, statues, and masks

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Now, let’s talk about something less difficult to get your hands on. Although original African pottery, statues, and masks may not be as easy as finding black hair products in town, with some research online, you should be able to find at least one African shop close-by. Those who love African inspired decor in their homes show how much importance is placed on masks, pottery, and wooden statues. Just a few items of this nature are enough to transform the ambience of your interior.

  1. Prints and Textiles from Africa

Image Source: CopperDust London


Image Credit: SnobStuff 

There are few things more elegantly attractive and unique than the myriad of different textiles and prints from the Continent. Kente, Kuba, Mudcloth, there are so many different styles to choose from. Find ways to incorporate these onto your walls or cover your dinner table. Also another type of print are animal prints which are currently popular everywhere at the moment -- zebra and leopard, tiger. you can give your interior an African spin from a wide range of options. Fortunately, African inspired rugs and textiles are not very difficult to come by. Just walk into any African shop, and you’ll get a lot of options to choose from. You can even extend the theme to your bedroom by purchasing African print bedsheets and pillowcases. The possibilities are as wide as your imagination can reach.

Wakanda Forever!

Ikea Made in Africa Collection - Överallt Celebrates African Design


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However, Africa is a large country, home to a large number of nationalities with their own culture and traditions. When decorating a pan-African interior, the features inherent in the climate and natural features, cultural traditions and certain materials are taken as a basis. The interior is stylized to resemble Africa, where a mixture of elements from different regions and ethnic groups make up a dynamic African flavor.
In order to emphasize the African style, use exotic woods, natural stone and glass. This is the basis of the interior. The most commonly used woods are mahogany, wenge, ebony and rosewood.
The details of the room are emphasized with ceramic and fabric inclusions, glass details. Furniture is needed bulky, in the form of rectangles and circles. Decorated with natural furs and skins of African animals. Used wicker furniture, models from exotic tree species.

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Africa is one of the most exotic and even somewhat contradictory interior styles. It combines dynamics, expression and vitality along with calm and soothing colors and shapes of objects. The African style makes it possible, as it were, to lift the veil over something mysterious and touch the world of distant travel, ancient cultures and actively breaks down the stereotypes of the arrangement of stereotyped interiors.
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