Incredible Weather

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Due to the lovely and incredibly hot weather we have been having, my hair has been so dry, frizzy and almost unmanageable. The first few days I just added in an extra co wash but by the end of the day, it felt like it needed washing again!

So I decided to go back to my original evening regime that I would do when my hair had gotten really bad.

I parted my hair in 4 parts, gently as the hair was very dry. Choose one part and put some JBCO on the scalp, in antipation of washing my hair in a day or two. Rubbed my usual leave in through the strands. I then sprayed with Elasta QP H2 and sealed with Coconut Oil.
I then gently and loosely plaited the hair.

I did this for all four sections. I plan to do this every night until the weather cool off a bit next week.

It has been so hot that I just felt my hair really needed pampering!

In the morning just spray with H2 and voila, nice manageable braid out. I also gave it a trim so it looks really neat and curly.

How are you managing your summer hair, share your tips with us.

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