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Not a product arsenal as such and I am by far no product junkie. I tend to finish a product before moving on to try a new one. Keeps it all neat and tidy and logical.

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Curls Tea Tree Ecstacy
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I managed to stop all that breakage finally by doing a deep condition with protein:
2 x tablespoon castor oil
2 x squirts Organix Conditioner coconut oil
1 x squirt Joico K-Pak DPR
1 x Raw Egg
Mixed this up divided my hair into quarters and applied generously
I put on a plastic cap and wrapped in a towel for 2 hours while watched a film.
I think it was probably the castor oil that did the trick!

I wont trim my hair until I relax it next week and I will post pics of my new growth then with a nice trimmed straightened head of hair. I still refuse to use heat but I am so tempted especially as I have a wedding to go to next week.


Dauna said...

So...if I attempt this, i HAVE to watch a movie in the mean time, huh?

Leilu Dallas said...

I am working on a post called On a budget and in a rush, should be on by tomorrow.

This regime can be quite intense so I am trying to find things that people who arent that into the hair thing can use

Mahoganyhues said...

Where did you find Jamaican Black Castor Oil here in the UK?

Leilu Dallas said...

Hi there Mahoganyhues,

After much searching I couldn't find anymore on ebay but
are offering it for £3.30
I haven't tried them yet so I cant recommend or review

Sam's Carribbean store also sells this and post to the UK
However depending on what you order shipping t the UK runs from $13 - £73!

I did get African Prides Castor and Mink Oil from
but its just not the same

and had these

again just not the same

I posted and commented JBCO and on a couple of places I found it. Please See the comments section of :

Welcome and good luck with your hair care journey
Keep in touch and let us know how you get on and if you find a good source of JBCO

Leilu Dallas said...

Hi there,
did some more searching

These guys post to the UK for USD 17.95 and the JBCO costs USD9.99

If I get a chance to try them before you I will review and let you know

Also another brand on ebay


AfroDeity said...

AfroDeity's Online Store

or in Store
Charlie's Hair and Beauty West London
Nubian Natural in South London