How I Protect My hair before Shampoo - PrePoo

Hi All,

This is a video I made showing how I Protect my hair before it is shampoo'ed. This process is called PrePoo for short on all the blogs, forums and communities.

It shows me apply my oil (JBCO) and conditioner (Hello Hydration) prior to shampooing. Once this is done I put it under a plastic cap and leave.

I then shampoo and condition as normal. Note that the amounts of oil and conditioner are not visible in the video. Sorry - Bad Angling of the camera- but I would suggest about a 50p sized glob so that you can distribute it all over the hair. For more info check out PrePoo, CoWash and Shampoo

Thanks for watching
Please let me know your comments or if you have a better method you would like to share, or if you disagree with anything I have said.

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Hairlicious Inc. said...

Great Videos!! I love prepooing.