Where to Buy Black Hair Care Products - Online Stores UK

here to Buy Black Hair Products In Stores in the UK

If you have been at a loss as to where to purchase products especially if you live away from a big city, check out the list below of online hair care stores.

Antidote Street

@Bar Beauty Boutique
An online and in-store experience. @Bar Beauty Boutique provide a platform for independent beauty brands, giving them an avenue of distribution and awareness through our retail stores and website, and to give the woman of colour access to brands and products specifically formulated for their hair and skin type.
At Bar Beauty Boutique
@Bar Beauty Boutique
Next Stop Arcade
203 Lewisham High Street
SE13 6LY 
Facebook: https;//www.facebook.com/BarLDN
Twitter:    https://twitter.com/BarLDN

Blushes & Brushes Cosmetics For All Colours offers Hair, Skin and Makeup products for ethnic skin at competitive prices. We also provide premium luxury products for the discerning person of colour. Products for you and your whole household are readily available to purchase online with the convenience of delivery to your front door. We bring the you a realistic online shopping experience without the hassle.

Blushes & Brushes

For a few of the more rare products that you may not find elsewhere and a great source for PhytoSpecific products.


Dominican Haircare

Dominican Haircare specialises in high quality, high performance hair products from the Dominican Republic at competitive prices. The The products we sell are formulated to nourish the hair and scalp and are fortified with vitamins and minerals that result in soft, manageable healthy hair. Our bestselling products include the Crece Pelo (which means grow hair in Spanish) treatment which encourages hair growth with the use of 15 plant extracts and Silicon Mix range of products. Both have achieved cult status in the US and are now available to buy here in the UK. We also stock a range of hair growth drops designed to be applied on the scalp for nourishment and increase scalp circulation for thicker, longer hair.

Dominican Hair Care

Beauty By Zara

In London & Essex - Online and In store

You can find your Shea Moisture Products here including the Shea Moisture hair colour dye
Beauty By Zara
Address: 395 Walworth Rd, London SE17 2AW
Phone:020 7701 6655
Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Amazon Shea Moisture

Boots the Chemist

British Curlies

British Curlies

Feel Unique

Feel Unique

Look Fantastic
Look Fantastic Online Store



  • Keep your eyes peeled for shops in your area that stock your products and let us know so we can add to our 'Where To Buy' lists!

    Failing that see if No Scrunchie can find you a hairdresser in your area:

    No Scrunchie

    Any user (you!) can find a salon in any area, find a hairstyle that suits them using the virtual hairstyler, rate a salon that they have been to and rate hairstyles as well. The site will focus greatly on Afro Caribbean/black hair salons and other niche hair markets like curly hair as it is what we know more about and also seems more in need of help. But you can of course add and rate any salon.

    No Scrunchie

    Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity!


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