My New Edgestick

Okay so I know I am late to the party, but my lovely Mummy bought me an EdgeStick for my birthday and I have to admit it is the best present I have gotten since I got my GHDs.

Really worth it. So I know I have been raving about these for about a year now, these and the Tangle Teezer and although I own a Tangle Teezer I had yet to try the Edge Stick myself. So I gather that many of you out there must be going " but has she even tried it" and I can now say with confidence yes I have.

A short video of it use and some pictures of before and after to follow. My Mummy loved it so much she wants one for herself now.

After washing and blow drying my hair, I took it out of the packet and I could instantly see how the engineering and design made it work, its kinda like a pair of hot combs wrapped around curling tongs. When I finally read the instruction and figured out how to work it (seamlessly simple to use). I then combed out a section at the front of my hair and combed it through, it became straight instantly and I decided to continue around the edges. I was bit frightened at first to put this thing so near to my hair as when I put my hand around it, it was actually hot, but I soon realised this was the heat from the barrel and all that heat wasn't going to touch my head. My hair looked like it had just been processed. You know what its like you get to 7 or 8 weeks and especially if like me you stretch to 12 no matter what you do to keep your hair neat there are always those tell tale edges that you cant straighten or brush and they just detract from the look. These solve that problem completely. I canerowed my hair in two after touching up with the EdgeStick and the difference was amazing.

I really loved this tool and I will definitely be posting a video in the next couple of days. If you too would like to find out more about my experience email me at

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