Myths about Afro Hair 101

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Do you have this problem, people thinking you are crazy to take care of your hair. The myths about black hair being so ingrained into some peoples psyche that they wont even try to be open minded about your efforts.

Whenever people come to visit, I get the usual, "Wow your hair has really grown" or " My God, you wash your hair twice a week!! Are you out of your mind, you'll damage it and wash out all the natural oils"

Sigh! The latter really winds me up considering the former. If someone told me that they never wash their hair or they wash it every day and they saw results I would say go with it. (Though from personal experience I know these methods definitely don't work for me!)
Anyway... I thought I would start writing a couple of posts on myths and legends.

Myths and Legends 101 
Lesson 1 - Washing black hair too often damages it!

Let me start by saying that water is good for our type of hair. I know your mother, your grandmother and every female relative you have have told you to wash your hair as infrequently as possible.
However, did you ever notice how gorgeous your hair looks after it has been washed.
Nothing to do with leaving it to get as oily and dirty as possible. Washing frequently (twice a week), can do wonders for your hair but you have to do it right.

You know what can be damaging for our hair - Shampoo or the wrong type of shampoo.
Our curly hair gets very dry (especially in the winter months) and while washing the hair can add that much needed moisture shampooing your hair is another matter all together.
Your hair needs the moisture and your scalp needs to be clean in order for it to grow. However what you dont need are any more harsh agents on the scalp or on the strands.

I recommend PrePooing and Cowashing to alleviate these problems and also using a sulphate free shampoo or at least a more oraganic or natural shampoo or a shampoo specifically for our type of hair.
Please steer clear of head and shoulders, look at the ingredients on main stream shampoos  and educate yourself, these strip the moisture and essential oils out of our hair. You do not need to spend a fortune or a lot of time to make your hair grow, thicken or look good.

“Every time you wash your hair you strip out moisture, so you have to add it in with the products you use” explains Amir Delijani
Experts Recommend
Joliette Nourishing Shampoo  £10 and Hair Mud Mask £15 at The AfroDeity Store
Alterna Caviar Moisture Shampoo, £17.99 and Conditioner, £26.35 by Alterna at Leilu's Amazon
My personal favourite from this range is the Alterna Caviar Treatment Hair Masque £28.50

“Shampoo twice with a moisturising or detangling shampoo, massage into the scalp, roots, middle and then end. When you condition, towel dry first, then apply conditioner to the hair concentrating on the ends” explains Errol Douglas.

Please see my post on how to wash ones hair correctly, including Pre-poo, Shampoo and Cowash.

I hope someone out there gets something from this- Click on the links to expand on what shampoo, cowash ad prepoo really mean.

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity


Anonymous said...

I've heard all those comments too. Even from my dad!!! I exercise and sweat regularly so not washing my hair isn't an option...

AfroDeity said...

I know, right! LOL! My dad is totally the same. I definitely stick with a twice weekly was regime and cowash if I exercise several times in week.
Good Luck with the exercising!