Myths and Legends Afro Hair - Part 2

Greasing the Scalp vs Essential Oils

How many hair dressers and relatives have told you to grease up your scalp after it has been washed as you hair needs grease. I don't even know who told me  to do this, its just something that I had always done. Greased my scalp with a pomade or other petroleum based oil. Probably because I grew up with my Mummy greasing up my scalp too.

You hair doesn't need grease, it needs moisture and possibly an essential or carrier oil. You can read about Essential Oils and Carrier Oils by clicking on this link. Products with petrolatum, or petroleum do not moisturise your hair. They coat your hair preventing moisture from getting in. To solve this problem, I sometimes very rarely only if I need it use a good scalp oil and I moisturise my hair and then seal in the moisture with a good carrier oil.

Scalp Oils that I recommend:

Mizani Comfiderm, £12.25 at Leilu's Amazon
Doo Gro Anti Itch Growth Oil  £5.95 at Leilu's Amazon
Avalon Kera Care Essential Oil  £7.54 at Leilu's Amazon
Phyto Nectar Treatment  £13.50 @ Leilu's Amazon
Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Range also at Leilu's Amazon

For the hair itself a daily moisturiser (very little) is all that is required particularly on the ends. Bare in mind that your ends are the oldestpart of your hair and need the most care. First moisturise your hair with a good leave in conditioner, your hair does not have to look greasy and then seal that moisture in with a good carrier oil.

Leave in Conditioners/Moisturisers that I recommend:
Mizani Moisturising Silkening Liquid Gel £16.95 @ Leilu's Amazon
Silky Locks K2H 365 leave-in conditioner", £5.99 @
Suki Skincare’s Hair Scalp Conditioning Oil @ Harvey Nichols

Carrier Oils for Sealing that I recommend
Olive Oil 
Palmers Olive Oil Formula Hair Scalp Conditioner Spray £4.70 @ Leilu's Amazon
Coconut Oil
Palmers Coconut Oil £3,59 @ Leilu's Amazon
Castor Oil
My preferred is Jamaican Black Castor Oil, but there are others available at Leilu's Amazon
Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E or Carrot Oil are also good.


Alternatively read Jamaican Black Castor OIl Breakdown: Where to Buy
If you stock JBCO in your store, wherever you may be in the UK, please let us know.

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