I want this: Amazonia Organics

I so want this, I saw an advert for this and was totally intrigued.

Amazonia's Speil
Amazonia Organics introduces all natural Hair and Body Butter.

Taming afro, frizzy, dry and curly hair into low-maintenance, shiny beautiful hair.

This new hair smoothing treatment which is already a big hit in Brazil, takes hair care of afro, curly and overtreated hair to a sophisticated new level without using chemicals or harsh ingredients.

As the name suggests, the butter can be used for both hair and body – but it’s on hair that this 100% organic butter really shines.

This easy-to-use product helps control frizz and nourishes dry and porous hair. The result is shiny, low-maintenance hair that is protected against the elements. With no harmful chemicals it is perfect for the whole family.

So I really wanted to buy this and then saw the price £30!!! Will have to save up my hair product budget for the next three months. It is supposed to work instantaneously which sounds great. I will be buying some as soon as I am able and I will let you know if it lives up the hype. 

Anyone tried this and want to share their thoughts we would love to hear from you 

Embrace Your Inner Afrodeity

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