Introducing Andrea: Lego Friends

I was really annoyed at first about the introduction of so called 'girly' Lego Friends. That is until I discovered 'Andrea' the curly haired black female Lego Friend. Usually the ethnic doll of any range or cartoon is a brown doll with long straight hair as if they can fit every ethnicity that isn't white into that one doll or cartoon character. I wouldn't let my husband purchase these obviously 'girly' toys as I believe in equality of the sexes. However when I saw the scientist Lego Friend at LegoLand complete with laboratory and that there was a black Lego friend, I was converted!
Andrea is as far as I know the only black female minifig that Lego offer. Both my son and daughter had great fun with her and even integrated them into our Lego chess set!

In terms of girls getting into science an technology, I was really thrilled to see this video where a young girls from the Netherlands robotized her Lego friends lab!

Pretty Awesome!

So from here on end I will no longer hate on the Lego friends. I think my dislike for them stems from my own prejudices about so called girl toys and the way that people like to divide the sexes especially at a young age. 

Note:I still think men and women should be allowed to compete together (darts, shooting, snooker, golf... why not?)

Anyway I digress: Yay for Andrea! 

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity

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