My Mummy is now natural

I am so proud of my Mummy for finally deciding to go natural. Three years ago after experiencing severe scalp problems she stopped relaxing her hair but using a closure she continued to wear weaves. This just exacerbated the scalp problems. All the pulling on her hair and having her scalp covered up, getting sweaty and dirty for weeks just made it worse. She did change her weave every 6 weeks but in the past I had been known to keep mine on for months and the dirt was unbelievable.

When I went to visit her last week she was sick of the scratching. Using the tail of the comb to abuse her scalp more as she could get in between to weave to scratch properly. She asked me to cut it off. I had to ask her if she was sure. Was she truly ready to embrace her natural hair. She said she was sure. I was shocked by this as when I told her and my Aunts about my journey the looks on their faces wasn't exactly jubilant.

Anyway, I went with her to a hair store and we bought a wig so that if in a couple of days she changed her mind, which I totally expect her to she could pop that on. Low and behold I visited her a week later and she was so happy with her hair Even though my Aunts, who also sport weaves, didn't like it she still kept her natural hair and started to style it herself and was truly loving it!

I have never seen her so happy. She sends me pictures of new styles all the time now and all my life I have never known her to be completely happy with her hair. She has of course had natural hair before but just a TWA in the 70s. I think she is enjoying the abundance of natural products on the market and is experimenting and styling daily. As someone who works with young people I am especially proud of her as they will also benefit from seeing someone they look up to with natural hair.

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity

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