From Fuzz to Frizz

Arggh! I just want to scream from the roof tops: Black hair is not frizzy.

Frizzy hair is under moisterised hair. Dry hair which has become very porous and has lost it’s ability to retain moisture is usually thought of as frizzy.
Watching an advert like this has haunted black women for years. There is this belief amongst black people that our hair is frizzy and somehow needs taming.  As a black person it has been hard for me to understand why I could never have hair that had, and I quote a guest on the Tyra Bank Show here, 'the white girl flow'. Even when my hair was relaxed it never looked like that and I felt this need to somehow make it do something that it will never do. I needed to tame my frizz make it soft, silky and manageable.  If I had just understood that even with relaxed hair my hair type would never look like this I would have been a much happier person. Happy with my style choice. Every persons hair is different and my relaxed hair or my natural hair will be different to other people.

Years ago  our hair was deemed fuzzy and in the past I have even been called a fuzzy wuzzy. I kind of feel like I am still being called fuzzy wuzzy when they show a woman with frizzy hair (looks like an afro to me) and say that this is 'bad hair', you need to do something to it. If you take anything away from this post, understand that your hair is not fuzzy, it is not frizzy, it is just different. This is your hair type. Love it. Embrace It. Whether that be relaxed natural, braided or otherwise. Believe that this is the way God intended your hair to be. It is not frizzy, it is black hair and you do not necessarily have to tame it, but you do have to love it.

Rant End!

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity! 
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