Fountain revolutionizes the Jamaican Black Castor Oil industry!


Fountain revolutionizes the Jamaican Black Castor Oil industry!

A traditional Caribbean hair delicacy for eons, J.B.C.O. is now universally recognized and scientifically proven as a rapid hair growth and thickening aid. In the ever evolving and competitive hair care industry, J.B.C.O. has seen an unprecedented surge in popularity in the Western world largely due to social media and numerous long/natural hair care forums. All of which expound the benefits of the Jamaican method of processing the castor oil bean as the “go to product” for ALL hair types if you want exponential hair growth. This fact is undisputed, as thousands of YouTube video testimonials and challenges corroborate.

However, the No. 1 drawback for many users and potential users of J.B.C.O. is the SMELL, followed closely by the sheer heaviness and it's pore clogging propensities. For some, the promise of longer, stronger, thicker hair is more important than these irritations, but for others, clogged pores leads to painful, unsightly bumps in the scalp, as well as the total destruction of many weaved or chemically processed hair styles as JBCO alters the texture of the hair itself!

NOW, here's a new lighter, pleasantly scented J.B.C.O that is still processed the old fashioned way, without salt, chemicals or preservatives.  Fountain Jamaican Black Castor Oil LIQUID Hair Food is infused with peppermint, an agreeable fragrance that is synonymous with freshness, clean, cool and energy. Jojoba oil, grape seed oil and eucalyptus complete this powerful and effective synergy. This amazing liquid hair food is noticeably less greasy, leaving no sticky residue OR overpowering nauseating scent! Fountain J.B.C.O effortlessly penetrates your scalp as you can apply directly it from the bottle, without even using a comb to part your hair! In addition, the peppermint leaves, Jamaican in origin are actually visible through the bottle so the ingredients continue to ferment after purchase, further nourishing and cleansing your hair (Peppermint is antibacterial and antiseptic)!

Your hair will immediately be softer, luxuriously moisturized and dry, breaking, fraying split ends will be sealed for good! Receding hair lines from tight braids, patchy temples, naturally thinning and slow growing hair will be a thing of the past – how?, because cool and refreshing peppermint neutralizes and regulates the natural density of the J.B.C.O (that's why so many shampoos contain peppermint and eucalyptus for oily hair types!). This unique formulation gives a cooling effect to the scalp, binds the hair roots AND increases blood circulation as it would to any area of the body due to the menthol present in both the Peppermint and Eucalyptus. The resulting stimulation of your hair follicles culminates in a renewed and reinvigorated hair growth cycle.

Therefore, cool and refreshing menthol is the reason why your scalp will be so vibrant, a natural enhancement and complementary partner of the miraculous J.B.C.O!

So don't be fooled, castor oil is castor oil regardless of the brand once it is cultivated and processed in the traditional Jamaican way. Fountain J.B.C.O does what no other J.B.C.O on the market out there does – it doesn't smell, it leaves your scalp refreshed and clean, it removes dandruff, lice, is antibacterial, relieves headaches, opens up the sinuses, combats mental exhaustion & fatigue, amongst many other soothing benefits.

Fountain Jamaican Black Castor Oil, “It's the food your hair's been waiting on”!

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