Where to Buy CurlFormers in the UK

Hi All,
I stumbled onto a Youtube video by Naptural85 earlier in the year regarding this products and I thought Wow those look great, where can I get one, and as usual being an American product I found them difficult to get a hold of. So I have been looking into where you can buy this in the UK.

So what is a Curlformer?
Curlformers are one of the latest tools to hit the market to help achieve curls (ringlets) without the use of heat. I love the idea of not using heat on my hair and still create a fabulous look. These great pictures were on the Curlformer's website and just give a glimpse into the kind of styles you would be able to create.

And as you can see from Naptural 85's video below they work just as well in Natural hair as they do on Relaxed hair.
Naptural85's YouTube Vid

You can purchase these:

Direct from the Curlformers Website

Also check out this article from Devout Fashion for more information on this type of styling:
The Ultimate Permarods Guide

Do you know where to find them in store?
Post and let us know

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Moderne Meid said...

I purchased Curlformers about 1 1/2 years ago directly from the Curlformers website, the price was good and the shipping wasn't too bad! I still have them, but don't use them as much anymore. I hope to use them next Summer. Not sure where they sell them in store though!

AfroDeity said...

Thats great that the delivery isn't too bad. I have been talking about getting these for a while so I am excited to try them.

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I have seen this somewhere it is so satisfying to watch this easy way of making curls. I wonder how satisfying it would be if I do it by myself.