Naomie Harris: A Natural Bond Girl

The first time I saw Naomie Harris was probably in the TV adaptation of the novel 'White Teeth' but I loved her performance in '28 Days Later' and Small Island so much I have always been and will always be a fan girl.
Here are some pics of our favourite bond girl! Black, British & Gorgeous!


Drake Valentin said...

Naomie Harris was a wonderful bond girl, and I liked her a lot in the movie. I even wrote a brillassignment review for the role that she played. You should give it a read if you're free.

Lakers said...

"Fashions pass, but true values remain unchanged - trust, mutual understanding, friendship, kindness, selflessness... And, of course, love. The one that allows each of us to be Romeo or Juliet at least once in our lives - and thus, like them, leave their mark on eternity.

And what do we see in modern films?