Scooby Doo's Angel Dynamite Cuts her Hair

Angel Dynamite is Crystal Cove's resisdent DJ in the newest incarnation of Scooby Doo, Mystery Incorporated. Although the characters identity and history are shrouded in mystery the coolest thing about her and the her most disctinctive attribute is her large afro. I was quite surprised when the writters decided to cut all of Angel's hair off. Giving her a TWA. But I absolutely loved Angel's attitude to it and it is the kind of thing I think kids should see on TV. 

"No, I'm gorgeous. Hair is just hair."

Almost as  surprising  as Angel Dynamites decision to cut her hair was that there is Black Hair dresser in Crystal Cove. Anyway i digress. In Mystery Incorporated Season 2 Episode 3 Angel goes to her Hairdresser 'Gorgeous G' and asks her to cut it all off.

"All of it…  Cut it all off.  Don’t give me that look, Gorgeous G, I mean it.  It’s so gone…"

"No, I'm gorgeous. Hair is just hair."

"Hotness is as hotness does"
For the actual hair cut see Time 4:40 in this video

Like me I hope you not only love this character but her super cool attitude!

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity

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