Transitioning a week with CurlFormers

My week with Curlformers on my transitioning hair

I must say I am having a love/hate relationship with this product. I love the way my hair look as after it has been styled and as my hair is held in place at night, no tangles in my natural roots. However, I am a quick styling kind of girl so curling my whole head would be too time consuming. To get around this and after perfecting my technique of applying them, It takes me 10 minutes to do the front of my head, in the style shown in these pictures. I did have to do a lot of trial and error in perfecting my technique if you insert them incorrectly they can be a bit too tight. This is easily remedied by squeezing the end and pulling slightly off the root. So I apply them roughly 5cm from the scalp.

Anyway here are some pictures, even a few grey hairs there! About time really. I might even start to look my age. 
Transitioning since February/March so nearly 9 months in!


So what products am I using to ensure my hair looks good in the morning.

On the hair that was not being curled, I used the Flax Aida so that this hair did not get dry and was also taken care of. This has to be my absolute favourite moisturiser. Goes on the hair so smooth and my curls just pop!

I found that using the Joliette (Shea/Aloe) Curl Me Soft worked really well as a moisturiser and kept the curls really well. Contain shea butter, castor oil and green tea extracts.

First I sprayed a little water onto the section I wanted to curl, then applied curl me soft moisturiser. I then sealed with the Fountain Jamaican Black Castor Oil Liquid Hair Food. As this contains Jojoba Oil, my relaxed ends benefit greatly from this infusion as well.

Has anyone tried the Curlformers? What products do you use with them?
Do you only use them after washing or for styling everyday?

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