Embracing the Big Chop

Hi All,

As you know I have now cut all the relaxed ends off my hair. A first it was a shock! I have never had my hair that short before even when I wore my hair in an afro previously. Once I got to grips with the fact that it was short and I couldn't continue to do the styles I had been doing during my transition, it got easier. I actually started to feel more confident about my hair! and I love it!
Here are some pics, I thought I'd share.

I decided to go with a Caribbean colour theme this time round I seem completely obsessed with turquoise and peacocks at the moment but I shall have to get some orange into my wardrove to liven things up. 

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity


Dauna said...

I love the hat look! I haven't tried that yet!

Welcome to the world of being Natural! SO EXCITED for you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leilu,

Your hair looks great! I just cut my relaxed ends off yesterday after nearly 14 months transition.

Question: I have still have some relaxed ends and the very very end, I'm slowly snipping them as I see them. However, in the front and middle of my hair, I have a straightish/wavy pattern compared to the rest of my hair. My hair never has been very defined and I doubt I have heat damage as I stopped using heat like 5/6 months into my transition and when I would blow dry my hair, it was already deep conditioned, moisturized and heat protected. I was wondering, since you just did the big chop if you're experiencing anything similar? Is it just that we have to wait for our hair to settle and grow a little?


AfroDeity said...

@Dauna Thanks!! Loving your hair too. Hubby still not used to it though LOL!

@Anonynmous Yes, I have found that I have different textures throughout my head. The front is wavy, the middle is ringlets and the sides and back are thick zig zags. My Mummy says my hair was always like that even when I was yound. I also read that you fan hage different textures thoughout your head, this is normal. Trying to find my own style now and just embrace it!

AfroDeity said...

@Anonymous Good Luck with your healthy hair journey. I found the first few days after the big chop the hardest but now it feels so normal and I love it!

Pinkcaramelle said...

This style really suits you! Congratulations for keeping up with your decision to go natural.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the reply! Yeah, I have noticed that it's just the way my hair is. I've known that it many other women with natural hair can have dramatically different textures throughout their heads.

Good luck with your journey also. It's nice to see another UK blog for natural hair about too!


AfroDeity said...

Hello Pinkcaramelle! Thanks! Still experimenting. Hope all is well with you.