Black Female Anime & Gaming Characters

Aveline de Geanpiere Assassins Creed

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I told you I'd be doing more geeky, nerdy posts and here is another. After Leaving Curlvolution 2013 over the May Bank Holiday Monday. I walked across the road and was able to catch a few people in their get up at Comic Con UK 2013. I was able to catch these cosplayers before the event and my travelling companions must have thought I was crazy walking up to strangers and asking to take their photo.

Cosplayers ComicCon2013 UKCosplayers ComicCon2013 UKCosplayers ComicCon2013 UK

Although Comic Con was on again this year, Curlvolution had moved location so no cosplaying for me this year. no matter we had a great day at Curlvolution 2014 'Luv and Learn' anyway! Post on this soon!

AfroDeity love anime and all things scifi fanatasy and we are not we love to talk about it. We actually have a Pinterest Board dedicated to Black Female Cartoon and Comic Characters.

Black Female Anime characters. Being of Japanese origin I wouldn't expect there to be many but there are a few.

Bleach's Shihouin Yoruichi One of the few female black Anime main characters out there and is my absolute favourite. I can only use one word to describe her ... fierce!
Bleach Yoruichi

I am also loving the character Aveline de Granpere from Assassins Creed and if I had to cosplay someone it would definitely be her. Assassins Creed's first female assassin with her own game and she's black! Wowza!

Aveline de Granpiere
by lenny6666 on 

Then last week, the lovely Angel and the Natural Lounge shared these amazing photos with us by Let there be doodles. Maybe one day we will get a Disney Princess with Locs. Still waiting for Disney to do Goldilocs set in the Caribbean...LOL! Might be hard since we don't have bears :-)

Black Disney Princess

Black Disney Princess

Hope you love these animated characters as much as we do. Enjoy! 
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