11 UK Natural Hair Vloggers You Should Know

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Like any other hair-mad woman on a journey, I love watching videos on hair styles, events and any tips and tricks for styling my hair. I still haven’t ventured into the world of YouTube myself so I applaud these ladies for their bravery and know-how.

CurlTure represents accepting and embracing your culture and heritage, and in turn your natural hair.

Called ‘BooyFurl’ because that’s how people from London and Essex say beautiful, Jennifer blogs about natural hair, msuic, fashion and food! 

A little London lady, author of the United KinKdom blog, on YouTube having a chat about my natural hair, what I'm learning, what Im trying. www.UnitedKinKdom.blogspot.co.uk

Adding YouTube vlogger to her list of endless talents Peeks runs www.mo-am.com which brings everything from fashion and beauty to business tips into one place.

5. The Curly CockneyAlthough Jade only set out on her vlogging journey last year, her passion for natural hair, beauty, fashion and fitness has shone through to earn her a loyal following.

FusionofCultures is your one stop shop for all things healthy hair and life inspiration.

7. Combing England for Curls
This channel started off as a final project for a Masters degree, but after getting such a positive response, it carried on after graduation.

The blog hunts the country for beautiful, natural hair to point a camera at, combing England for afro culture.

8. Annies Locs
Based in London, Annie’s Locs revolves around natural products to strengthen, grow and revitalise hair.

For the best tips of becoming a ‘kitchen beautician’, Stacey can give you the pointers you need to DIY your own haircare.

Woman In The Jungle is a UK based natural hair & beauty community here to inspire, educate and celebrate the modern day woman of colour.

Whether you’re after quirky or classic hairstyles, the ladies at Natural Hair Daily are encouraging others to rock their natural tresses with pride!

If you know of any other great natural hair vlogs, post them in the comments below. We love hearing about new vlogs!

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