Guava: Another game-changing Caribbean ingredient

 Whether youre a Caribbean native, or just visiting, youll have been hard pushed to to miss the guava fruit, which grows in abundance all over the region. Whilst guava is mostly known for being an incredible source of vitamin C and fibre for dietary reasons, it can also work wonders for your hair!

Because of the high level of vitamin A, vitamin C,  folic acid, potassium, copper, manganese, fibre, flavonoids and other phytochemical, guava is extremely beneficial both for hair growth and maintenance. In fact, guava has been long used by herbalists to gently cleanse delicate strands of hair.

Feeling as if your hair could use some extra va-va-voom? The fibre in the fruit encourages bounce and volume, to make the hair look and feel thicker and luscious. 

And if you like to show off your individuality with colour or highlights, the fruit being chock-full of vitamins A, B and C helps slow down the oxidation of cells, leading to colour treatments and highlights lasting much longer and staying vibrant! 

Finally, we all struggle with those fly away hairs. It doesnt matter how much product you use, those free radicals keep popping out of place. Guava is the ideal solution to this problem, by using the contained carotenoids to fight the stress and environmental pollutants that cause frizz.

The fruit isnt the only part of the plant that can be used either, as guava leaves are known to combat hair loss. Boil a handful of leaves in a litre of water for 20 minutes, let it cool, then apply to your scalp in a rigorous massage. You cant always prevent hair loss, but taking positive, natural steps to fend it off is always a good step.

Get started with guava with our Joliette Curl Me Soft in Caribbean Vanilla, which includes guava extract and prickly pear seed oil, to leave curls soft, frizz tamed and locks looking sleek and sassy. The Caribbean Vanilla range also includes a Nourishing Shampoo, Conditioner, Hydrating Spritz and Whipped Creamy Leave In.

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