4 Super Easy Tips To Help Define Your Curls

4 Super Easy Tips To Help Define Your Curls
Natural hair is so versatile and can be manipulated into many styles. Natural ladies have so many options now and especially with the invention of Google and YouTube its hard to not find something creative to try. Many naturals have now begun to appreciate having their hair out and not confined to a particular style and so in honour of losing restrictions, let us take a look at 4 ways to make your curls pop.

Why isn’t my curl pattern defined?
Lets first look at some reasons why your hair might not be defining its curls. There are a few things that keep your hair from reaching its true curl definition. Many times naturals desire to change up their look, so they opt for a blow out and then straighten their hair. This is not a bad thing, but doing it constantly can really put some strain on your hair. This practice can cause heat damage and cause your natural hair to lose its curl pattern. Sometimes to repair the damage that heat causes,  there might need to be trimming and lots of protein treatments to restore the strands. Another reason why your curl pattern may not be as defined is because your hair might lack moisture. We all know that our curl pattern is most obvious when our hair is wet, much like this our curls need a lot of moisture to be as defined as possible. Since the start of the natural hair revolution there have been many products on the market that claim to do many things and fail quite frequently. One such type of product is the ones that promise to elongate your curls, because naturals don’t like the shrinkage monster. These products may have an adverse effect on your hair and may mess up your curl pattern. Alongside these reasons there is the fact that some naturals just don’t know what can actually keep their curl definition , so here are some super easy ways to define your curls:

 Two stand twist outs and braid outs
This method is easy and as the name suggests it is simply twisting or braiding your hair and then pulling it out. To maximize definition, may people do these twists or braids on damp or wet hair, so when it dries the curls are well defined. Also to get the most definition out of this style, a curling crème and gel could be added to enhance curls, for a good hold and to prevent frizz. These twists or braids are very convenient because they can be worn as a style by themselves until you’re ready to grace the world with your amazing twist or braid out. The bonus of keeping the style in longer is that when pulling out, the definition would be even more amazing.

Wash and go
These names are really indicative of what the style really is, the concept essentially says that you wash your hair and go without “styling.” Okay, maybe it isn’t as simplistic as that, but it is a super easy way of defining your curls. The idea is that you wash your hair, then saturate it with conditioner, to see the true beauty of your curl pattern, you rinse that out and add a curling crème and gel and shake your head, until excess water is gone and then you have your wash and go. This method may not work for everyone, especially those naturals with tighter coils, but luckily there are a few other wash and go techniques that provide the same result. Some naturals may have to do “raking” which really is just using your fingers to comb through your curls, while its wet until you get your desired definition. Another technique is the smoothing or “praying method” where your hair is in the clasp of your hands and move from root to end.

Bantu knot out
This curl definition technique brings with it a lot of volume. What is done is that you twist your hair and then wind it into a bump and then when dried you pull it out and get voluminous curls.
Finger coils
This style is done best when your hair is wet. You would saturate your hair with water, then your curling product and then some gel for hold, and twirl your hair around your finger until all of it looks like spiral.
You can try these methods and see a world of difference in your curl pattern!

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