Book Review: Daddy Do My Hair

I was so very excited to read this book when I first heard about it. I have met the author, Tola, several times in her capacity as 'My Long Hair Journey' blogger and so was overjoyed to find out she had written a book. Not only about little girls and afro hair but about the relationship between Daddys and daughters.

What is Daddy Do my Hair About?

It’s Sunday evening and dinner is over. Beth is excited and heads to the sofa. Daddy is there with a smile and a chair, “Daddy,” she asks, “will you please do my hair?”

Join Beth and her Daddy on a heart-warming story, which celebrates the unique and special relationship between a father and child. The perfect rhyming picture book read for every family, this is a book to be shared time and time again. This is the first book in the ‘Daddy Do My Hair?’ series.

We loved it!!
One evening I sat down with both my children and read this with them. They both loved it, even Sebastian, who is nine and more into reading by himself: the story, the colour and the great art drew them in instantly. I love that the book not only covers the issues that come with having afro hair but also that relationship between Daddy and Beth and the ritual that comes with asking Daddy to do her hair. I am a total Daddy's girl so I completely related to this story. 

My daughter, Ruby, loves her Dad doing her hair and actually prefers when he does it, apparently Mummy pulls her hair too much. Her hair is very wavy and I think my husband just handles it better. Even though the character didn't look like her I think she really related to Beth. I think she liked the fact that Beth looked like a young version of Mummy. She however was overjoyed to see the cover of the next book Hope's Braids as I think she saw herself in this more. 

As well as my Afro Caribbean friends, I shared the 'Daddy do My Hair' story with my Caucasian friends and their kids loved it too. Some had curly hair or red hair or hair that wasn't normally depicted in books and when my red haired friend saw Hope she too was giddy with excitement. They also also loved the Daddy daughter angle which isn't explored very much in children's books.

All in all, we loved it and it was nice to share such a great story with my kids. Sebastian really loved it and is now growing out his hair again. Maybe he'll let Daddy do twists like Beth's in his hair.
***5 out of 5***

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The Author 

Tola Okogwu had been working on a YA fiction book for three years and had never considered writing a picture book until she had her daughter and noticed the distinct lack of diversity in picture book characters. It’s important to Tola that her daughter reads well and widely but also that she, and other kids like her, see themselves reflected in the books they read. 

Daddy Do My Hair? Beth's Twists is a book that celebrates fathers and natural curly hair. It’s a simple and beautifully illustrated rhyming story that makes for great parent-child reading time; something which has been proven to greatly aid children’s literacy. Daddy and Beth are characters that everyone - including a severely underrepresented demographic - can identify with and enjoy reading about.

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