Win The Fight Against Dry Winter Hair

Win The Fight Against Dry Winter Hair
   Winter is upon us and as naturals we know that this weather can really damage our hair. We however don’t have to be victims to the gruesome weather, let’s take a look at how we can win the fight against the winter season this year. First let us see why the winter weather causes so much damage to our natural hair.
 Why does winter affect my hair?
       Hair is naturally hygroscopic, which essentially means that it draws moisture or water from the environment. Unfortunately in the winter there is no real moisture in the air because the air is so dry, and without moisture our hair gets dry and brittle. The elements have left our mane vulnerable and those naturals that have an issue with dryness in other seasons, face a particularly harder struggle during the winter. Let us now go on to look at what can be done before and during the winter to fight against dry hair.
Deep Condition and Deep Condition Again
The importance of deep conditioning cannot be overemphasized and especially in light of the winter season.  If you haven’t started deep conditioning, it’s time to add this to your hair regimen in preparation for the season. Find a good deep conditioner that restores moisture, provides elasticity and that can repair damaged hair.
Get Those Oil Treatments!
Oil treatments can do wonders for your hair in the winter time. You can try a hot oil treatment, and do a mix with the oils that work best for your hair. You can also prep your hair for washing by adding oil to your hair before shampooing, to prevent the shampoo from taking away all the moisture you need. Adding oil to your winter regimen can also help with dry scalp that might flair up during this season. It is also important to seal your ends with light oils like jojoba or olive oil.
Protective Styling is Recommended
This is an important addition for the winter; winter isn’t the best time to be wearing our hair out. It’s important that we keep our ends protected.  Try braiding, twists and buns to keep your hair cute and protected. Winter time is also when we draw for our wool caps, this isn’t necessarily a good option for natural hair, the wool or cotton can draw all the moisture from your hair or even tug at your strands and cause breakage. If you want to go for a style that covers your hair, its best that you go for a silk wrap. There are many styles for wrapping turbans that can keep you fashionable and protected.

Remember this winter that you can be victorious over this harsh weather.  Moisture is key to winning this fight and it’s equally important that we maintain the moisture. Don’t lose hope this winter, deep condition, add oil and use sealant methods to your regimen and protect your ends from the gusty cold winds.

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