3 Easy To Do Natural Hairstyles For The Upcoming Party Season

3 Easy To Do Natural Hairstyles For The Upcoming Party Season

It's that time of year again, when fancy work do's, Christmas parties, client appreciation cocktail events, award ceremonies plus the obligatory family and friends get-togethers come around. You planned everything this time, you have everything in place to look your finest, the little black dress, the red bottom shoes, the new makeup palette. Yes, you can get your Cinderella on! But you've forgotten one thing, your halo of gorgeous naturally curly hair. What are you going to do with it? How are you going to style it to make it look extra special?

Well, if you normally wear your natural hair slicked back in a bun, and you want to have all eyes on you when you make an entrance, how about adding a temporary pop of colour with hair chalk and some flexi rods to give your natural hair wonderful bouncy highlighted and defined curls. (If your hair is on the shorter side use perm rods instead). Take a look at Naptural85 tutorial as an easy-to-do guide on YouTube.

I would advise you though to wear gloves when adding the hair chalk as you may not want to mess up your manicure, use old towels or clothes. This style can be done the evening or night before the event if you intend not to use any heat on your natural hair.

Another natural hairstyle that would be perfect for the party season is a Teyonah Parris inspired red carpet updo look. TheChicNatural has just the right tutorial for this.

Those with longer hair and a dab hand with bobby pins could try a more complex version of this 6 section bunhawk natural updo.

For shorter hair naturalistas you have not been forgotten. Although it may seem that there are not as many up or down styles that can be achieved you can still add a wow factor when attending the upcoming seasonal events. Adding a temporary colour, a few small diamante clips, flowers or bands, changing the curl size if you can, plus adding extra shine will make you and your natural hair stand out. But remember, as less of your face will be framed by your natural hair make sure your eyebrows and edges are right and your makeup is tight. If you do wear accessories a great pair of dangling earrings whether clipped or pierced will help the look to pop. Here are some fun short and sassy natural hairstyles for you to try out for the party look by Kouki.

When doing any of these 3 types of natural hairstyles it's important to have all your styling products, brushes, pins, bands and clips to hand. Use products you are used to and that are agreeable with your skin and hair, we don’t want any last minute allergic reactions. Make sure you are comfortable with creating any one of these styles, and although they are easy and pretty quick to do with outstanding results you may want to try a practice run before stepping out for the big occasion.

Natural hair ladies, you too are ready for the ball and as quoted by the once famous Bill and Ted most excellent adventures – Party On Dudes!

Zunammie K

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