Eat These Foods for Softer, Shiny Hair

 Eat These Foods for Softer, Shiny Hair

The importance of a proper diet can never be over stated. The benefits of eating correctly extend also to your skin and hair. The saying goes: what you put is what you get out. A lot of the process to getting healthy hair begins on the inside of our bodies and is manifested in healthy looking hair. Our scalp has to be taken into consideration, because it is where healthy hair comes from. Let’s take a further look at what proper dieting and eating the right kind of food can do for your hair. Many naturals want softer and shinier hair, but what are some of the foods that ladies can add to their hair regimen?

Walnuts, pecans, Brazil nuts, almonds and cashews are filled with selenium, alpha-linoleic acids and omega 3 fatty acid which are great for your scalp and help to soften your hair. Though these can be used for intake, some of these also produce oils that can be added directly to the shaft of your hair.

Dark Green Vegetables
These aren’t the most favoured kinds of food, but if we want to begin to see result in the health of our hair, dark green vegetables are an important addition. Broccoli, spinach are two kinds of green vegetables that produce vitamin A and B which are important to produce sebum. Sebum is an oily substance that our hair follicles produce; this is what helps to maintain the scalp’s moisture.
Fatty- fish, to be more specific is great for your hair, it produces omega-3 fatty acids, which is great for the hair shaft. Salmon, mackerel, anchovies and sardines are great fatty-fish that make can make your hair strands very shiny.
Our hair may not be soft because it has been dried out and become brittle because of different situations. Oats is filled with biotin, potassium, magnesium and zinc, these can help restore the breakage caused by your brittle hair, and thus allowing your mane to become softer. Oats is so versatile; you can do so much with it for breakfast or lunch.

Eggs are also a good way to get healthy hair. One key ingredient that eggs have is sulfur. Sulfur is great, as it produces keratin and collagen which is essential for shiny hair strands. Let’s stock up on those eggs, however you like them.  

 It is very important to know what is good for your hair. We can spend so much time dabbing products on to our hair and it makes no overall improvement in the health of our hair, because we have been ignoring what we actually put into our bodies. Diet is an integral part of natural hair regimen, and these additions to your regimen should have you seeing results in a matter of months. It is essential to appreciate that what goes into your body is what you’ll get out. Add these foods to your regimen and see if your hair becomes softer and shinier. 

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