Fresh and Funky natural hairstyles for the summer

Fresh and Funky natural hairstyles for the summer

Summer is all about letting yourself go. Whether you are planning to spend your day on the beach or stuck in the office, you still want easy and hassle free styles to keep your hair in check. Taming and straightening treatments are not for everyone. Of course they give you a more manageable look for your curly or frizzy hair but they change the nature of your hair forever. Plus who wants to spend half an hour on straightening and blow-drying their hair which will scrunch up once it hits the humidity outside (sigh). The answer is to let your curls and waves be. Don’t change their nature, instead them let change you! Since we are not really into chemicals and we love to embrace our natural beauty, we’ve come up with a few hair styles that will help you have a fresh looking stylish hair every day. 
These styles take less than a few minutes to be put up together. Using a few products and tools, you’ll be good to go:

  1. The sky-high pony tail:
Suitable for: short and medium length hair.
What you will need: An anti-frizz serum or styling gel- a scrunchie or elastic- a few bobby pins- hair spray.

How to do it:
The sky-high pony tail is a great hairstyle that your curly hair will just love. You can definitely use it to keep your curls in check for a wonderful second day look but it is also good on the go especially in hot and humid weather. 
  1. All you have to do is to bend all the way forward and gather your hair from the back. Use a comb to pick up your hair from the back of your hair until you gather it in a very high pony tail at the crown of your head. 
  2. Don’t comb the pony tail itself so that you don’t mess up with your curls. You can keep the pony tail wherever you want and the height will determine how your curls will flow. 
  3. Now take all your hair in a scrunchie and tight it so that your curls will flow from the sides like a fountain. Use some bobby pins to keep the elastic or scrunchie lifted and in place.
  4. Use the anti-frizz serum to tame those unruly baby hairs on the sides and at the back or take a pea sized squeeze of your gel and comb any unmanageable hair. 
  5. You can use bobby pins to secure those free spirit hairs. Now use your fingers to separate your curls and then spray your hair to set it. 

  1. The messy bun:
Suitable for: All hair lengths
What you will need: styling gel or mousse- bobby pins- bow tie or flower (optional).
How to do it:
Styling your hair has never been easier. The messy bun can turn your hair from “What?” to “Wow!” in just a few seconds. 
  1. All you have to do is to gather your hair using a brush without combing through your curls at the ends.
  2. Now use a shoelace, strip of nylon or full circle headband to pull the hair up from the front and back all the way to the middle. 
  3. Use the styling gel or mousse to take care of those stray hairs on the back of your head and at the front. 
  4. You can attach a flower or a bowtie under your messy bun to give your hair a fresher look.
  5. Want to have a funkier look? Why not start by separating your hair into equal parts and secure it into two high messy buns? They don’t have to be identical and you can let a few curls fly at the front as well. 

  1. The twist:
Suitable for: All hair lengths
What you will need: bobby pins- curls enhancing product (optional) - wash-out color (optional)
You know how your curls and waves will look different if you take a look at them from different angles. This hair style is great for a night after a beach day, a day in the office or even a wedding when the front part of your hair is going out of control. 
  1. You can start by damping your hair and massaging a little amount of any curls enhancing product. Just scrunch your hair if you feel that your curls are lying a bit flat or start with a fresh curly hair. 
  2. Take a section from one side of your hair and twist it towards the back in an upward motion. Leave a few curly strands at the front for a fresher look. 
  3. Secure the twist at the back of your head using some bobby pins or kirby grips. 
  4. Now repeat the process on the other side of your head. 
  5. Let the back of your hair out. 
  6. For a more summerish look you can use a wash-out hair colour on the hair you are going to twist. You can also use a thin strand of glitter fabric to twist with your hair. 

You don’t have to waste one hair a day to take care of your curly hair every single day. Just use the right tools and set your inner curly diva free.  

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity 
Zunnamie K.

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