How to sleep with curly hair

How to sleep with curly hair

You have probably fought sleep for a few good hours because you didn’t want to sleep in order to wake up with messed up flat hair. Your curls are just too good to be ruined, right? Sleeping can damage and ruin the look of your curls, that’s for sure. But there is a way, other than staying up all night to help take care of your curls so that you can have good second day curls. Putting in that extra effort before you go to bed will result in happier, bouncer and less frizzy curls on the next morning. 

Style your hair before you go to sleep:
Yes you read that right! You need to style your hair properly if you want to have defined curls on the next morning. Start by damping your hair a little bit then add some setting product to ensure that your curls will stay in place. Bantu knots will help you get defined tight curls. Use a comb to divide your hair into sections then tie each one of them into a knot. The smaller the sections, the tighter the curls. Secure the knot with a bobby pin wear a silk or satin bonnet to keep your knots in place. If you are looking for a less drastic look with wide wavy curls, then style your hair in braids. The number and width of the braids will determine how tight your curls will look the next day. 

Use the right tools:
Of course you can use bobby pins to secure your curls in place but you can also use flexi rods. They are super easy to use and you can easily control how tight your curls look the next morning. Wet your hair and add some styling mousse or curls defining product then wrap a section of your hair on a rod and tie it up in a “U” shape. The bigger the hair strand, the wider the curls will be. In the morning you can just untie your hair and let your curls flow. 

Use the right products:
Not only should you use the right kind of products but you should also pay attention to the amount you are applying. Mousse will help you maintain your curls but using too much product can dry your hair or weigh it down. Make sure that you are using an anti-frizz product that will help your curls look healthy and live. 

Sleep right:
No, you don’t have to sleep like Ancient Egyptian women who used to rest their necks on wooden holders to maintain their hair styles. It is so much easier and smoother for you. Sleep on satin or silk pillow cases to prevent friction. When your hair gets in contact with the cotton in your pillow case, there will be unnecessary static electricity that will make your hair less manageable and frizzy. A satin or silk bonnet is another option if you don’t have a satin pillow case. Your hair will just glide smoothly. 

Sleeping with your curly hair is not so hard. Just invest in the right products and spend those extra few minutes before you sleep. Enjoy the amazing looking curls every single day. 

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Zunammie K.

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