How to have the best beach hair

How to have the best beach hair

Heading to the beach? It is time to enjoy yourself, you’ve definitely earned it but….your curly and wavy hair might not be as happy about spending a day at the beach. Usually it is all fun and games until the humidity hits your hair hard. All of a sudden, your curls are all over the place and you are trying to keep them in check until this sucks the fun out of your vacation. Women like to have their cake and eat it too and this means that we like to splash in the water, relax in the sun but still have that shiny hair that looks like we’ve just come out of the salon. But don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Here are some of the best tips that will help you have incredible beach hair:

Protect your hair from the sun:

Do you apply sunblock generously to protect your skin? You should know that the sun rays can damage your hair big time. When you are at the beach you should try to protect your hair and face by wearing a hat. Not only you will be keeping the UV rays at bay but you will also look stylish. Prevention is easier than fixing the damage. 

Use the nature for your benefit:

While you are on the beach you will have more time to take care of your hair. So if you are in for some sun tan, then why not use the heat from the sun for your benefit? Here is a trick: Apply a generous amount of a nourishing hair mask and cover your hair in a plastic wrap or just let it. Now put your hat on and nobody will know what it is going on beneath. The heat from the sun will work in the same way heaters work at the salon to make your treatment work. 

Don’t forget your oil:

Oils are thick and this means that you can use them to create a barrier to protect your hair. The sea water can be very dehydrating to your hair and will make it rather frizzy and dry. Don’t get me started on chlorine which damages your hair to a great extent, even messing up with your hair colour. Adding a generous amount of hair oil will create a film around your hair strands which the water will not be able to penetrate. 

Use the right accessories:

Using the right accessories will help you look great on the beach and out of the water. You can use different accessories to style your hair and look great all the time. A hair band will keep the front of your hair in check for the rest of your curls to fly freely. You can also style your hair in a high pony tail or a messy bun that will not get so wet if you are not into going under the water. Separate your hair into 2 sections then put one down in the form of a bun and let the other one free using an elastic or a scunchie. Don’t worry about your curls flying because this is what the beach is all about. 

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