How To Stay In Shape On Your Summer Vacation (And Still Have Fun)

How To Stay In Shape On Your Summer Vacation (And Still Have Fun)

We don’t know about you, but the summer holidays is when many people cut back a little on their exercise and diet plans. Rest and relaxation time take priority, whether it’s a beach holiday under the sun or a theme park excursion with the family. A couple of weeks away from a fitness regime can make all the difference to your body weight, so what should you do? Here are some tips you will find useful.

1. Choose the right hotel

If your summer holiday plans lean more towards rest than any type of exercise, make use of the hotel you are staying in. A little research is needed as some hotel’s focus on bars and dining, which won’t do much for your diet plans. On the other hand, we came across the Renaissance Santiago Hotel online, which is an example of the hotel you should be looking for. With a swimming pool AND a fitness centre, you have no excuse NOT to do any exercise when away. So wherever you are jetting off too this summer, find a hotel that offers similar facilities to maintain your keep fit routine.

2. Choose the right kind of holiday

If you are serious about staying in shape, you may forsake the idea of a beach holiday in the first place (unless you want to go all Baywatch and run across the sands). Instead, consider a walking holiday or take two wheels instead of four when you are exploring the locale at your chosen destination. From the mountains of the Himalayas to the hills of the UK’s Lake District, you can keep fit while traversing some of the most beautiful places our world has to offer.

3. Choose to eat healthily

We encourage you to try new foods while you’re away on holiday - it’s all part of the experience, after all. Still, you can be careful with what you do eat, as you don’t have to pig out on anything that is going to expand your waistline the following morning. Take the traditional hotel breakfast for starters. Avoid the fried options, and go for fruit and cereal. When you’re dining out, choose something from the menu that is low on carbs. If you’re in a foreign locale, download a language app on your phone so you know exactly what it is you’re ordering and what it possibly contains. Of course, common sense has to come into play as well - avoid ice cream on the beach and the freshly baked cakes from the local bakery if you are intent on staying in shape.

4. Choose to stay fit

Regardless of the holiday you are on; you can still find ways to stay fit. We have already hinted at a few, but consider the following:

- Use the hotel stairs each day rather than the elevator.
- Use your feet when you’re sightseeing, rather than your car.
- Play sports and games on the beach - volleyball, frisbee, etc. - instead of bathing all day.
- Carry healthy snacks around with you so you aren’t tempted to go for the unhealthy options.

A few practical decisions on holiday can make all the difference.

Provided you adhere to some of the principles above, you will still be able to have fun while staying in shape. Of course, rest is still important too. Recovery time is necessary when you maintain an active exercise routine the rest of the year, but don’t sabotage your hard work by falling into too many bad habits when you’re away from home.

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