Today's Everyday style Transitioning

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hi All,

As you know I am currently 9+ months into transitioning and finding styles that I can wear everyday, that are quick and easy is always difficult. Today's style took me about 10 minutes and is really just 4 twists meeting at the centre of the head. Quick, simple and very easy to do.

To start I part the hair into four sections.
Then I brush the two front sections upwards. 
I then twist the hair together, I do this as if it was a two strand cornrow, grabbing more hair into the twist as I go along, this makes the twist stay together and not unravel as easily.
I twist them all towards the centre of my head and leave either curly or straight spiky ends at the back. To get curl ends I would twist the hair the night before but I didn't have the time for that so I just leave the ends out as you can see below.

Quick. Easy. Peasy.
Not great pics but you get the idea.

I suppose it might not be to everyone's but it is neat and takes few minutes to do. Just thought I'd share!

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity

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