New Regime - Nov 2009

Hi There,

Because I am stretching my hair (currently 11 weeks post relaxer) and because the weather has changed i.e. it is much colder, windy and rainy outside and the heating is on (dries out my hair), I have tweaked my regime quit a bit.

Mainly beacuse of the stretching and so I can manage it I wash my hair Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. I co wash during the week and shampoo on Sunday.

I am always saying to stick with what works for your hair and in order to try and keep the length while I am streching the length of time between relaxers, I have gone back to using some phyto specific products

Tuesday and Thursday

PrePoo - Olive Oil/Coconut Oil
Deep Condition -PhytoJojoba - for Moisture


PrePoo - Hello Hydraton and Olive Oil/Coconut Oil

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity


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