Trying my hand at protective styles!

Hi there,
I said I would post pics of how I was getting on with stretching my relaxer and trying my hand at protective styles.

10 weeks post relaxer, not that much growth, but I think I can probably make it to 12 weeks

Most of the styles I do to protect my hair end up with a twist of the longer hair at the back

Sometimes I part the hair at the back and plait it, very simple ad easy and becomes a partially braid out when undone.

Headbands are always an easy option in the morning. I always like to try different styles. Primark and Tesco always a good source.

Finally, This is my attempt at canerows.

Hope my pics give you some ideas, Sorry the quality of the styles is not great but I am 10 weeks post relaxer.

Embrace your Inner AfroDeity!


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