Self Relaxing Black Hair - November 2009

Twelve weeks and 3 days since my last relaxer I finally got around to relaxing my hair today.

However the process of getting my hair ready started last Saturday when I Clarified using the

Curls Citrus clarifying shampoo

Unfortunately I forgot to Protect/ Moisturise my hair by having a wash day on Wednesday as my regime stipulates.

I then divided my hair into six sections, prepared the hair by putting coconut oil on the hairline and any part of the scalp that was itchy. and put JBCO on the ends to protect them from overprocessing.

Relaxed the hair with Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Relaxer using a timer.

Washed out the relaxer with lots of water

Then used using Elasta QP DPR 11 as post relaxer conditioner- left on for 5 minutes

Then washed out then used nuetralising shampoo 9 times
I can't stress how important it is to make sure all the relaxer is washed out

Then I conditioned with Vital Force Creme Bath and JBCO

Coming soon Self Relaxing Video

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity!


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